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Our programs are developed specifically to cover the material required by state and county learning standards. While students consistently give our programs high marks for “fun”, our first priority is top quality education. We start from the standards and build our programs from scratch to be hands-on, interactive experiences for your students. The lab sheets we supply encourage students to use higher order thinking skills, find relationships and solve problems. We are not a national franchise. We are local educators who believe in quality education and it is our joy to bring it to your school.

Georgia Habitats (3rd Grade) -This program was specially designed to cover the standards for third grade life science. This program brings the Georgia ocean, coast, swamp, Piedmont and mountains to your classroom or media center. First, students have an introduction to the habitats. We use an interactive Georgia map and discuss where the different habitats are located in the state and the characteristics of each habitat. Then students will explore each habitat looking under and behind rocks and trees, “fishing” in a pond, and ripping open a log. Each habitat also has a damaged counterpart to meet the state standard for understanding how habitats change. For example, the swamp will be flooded and the ocean polluted. All habitats are simulated. There are no live plants or animals.

This program correlates with GPS, S3L1. Students will investigate the habitats of different organisms and the dependence of organisms on their habitat.

Simple Machines (4th Grade) – Our Simple Machines program will give your students a chance to get up close and personal with all six simple machines. Each hand-crafted machine is well-built and made of sturdy materials with vibrant colors that are sure to keep your students engaged. We’ll talk about the relationship between force and distance and students will learn how simple machines change the direction of a force to make work easier. Measurement skills will be reinforced as the students measure the force and distance needed to lift weights with and without the machines. Their lab sheets will ask them serious science questions to really get them thinking and they’ll have so much fun they won’t even realize how hard they are working!

This program correlates with GPS, S4P3. Students will demonstrate the relationship between the application of a force and the resulting change in position and motion on an object.

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